“The stories range from bittersweet to violent, wistful to seductive, leaving a deep emotional impression.…This volume is full of memorable anecdotes and images right through the final entry.”
— Publishers Weekly
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“For too long, others have spoken for Africans.…This work will be much appreciated by Africanists throughout the world.”
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A Natural Curiosity :: Amazing review for Elysium
Sunday, December 14, 2014

Amazing review for Elysium

imageElysium, the debut novel by Jennifer Marie Brissett, has been getting a lot of buzz and some very positive reviews, including this one from Paul Di Filippo at Locus magazine.

Here’s a taste.

If Carol Emshwiller—oblique and delicate—had collaborated with Samuel Delany—straightforward and blunt—then the result might resemble Jennifer Brissett’s impressive debut novel, Elysium, a kind of fantasia on identity and character, what is superficial and what is central to both.... Narrative progress occurs, in spiraling, convoluted steps, drawing us deeper into this shattered universe, until we reach what seems to be the foundational stratum....

Not to spoil Brissett’s secrets, but we eventually discover that Earth has undergone a cataclysm, and that Adrian played a central role in fighting off the apocalypse. As a result of the measures taken, he has been trapped in this whirlwind of identity changes. Is there a possible end, or must he cycle continuously?

Brissett handles this not uncommon SF trope as if it were freshly minted.

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Posted by geoff on 12/14 at 02:09 PM
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