You can’t keep hiding, dog

A Natural Curiosity :: You can’t keep hiding, dog

imageThe New Yorker‘s famous “Nobody knows you’re a dog” cartoon appeared in 1993.

Things have changed.

Today, anyone who can type your name into Google can quickly find out that you’re a dog.

You can try to cover your tracks (sorry) so well that you have little or no online profile, but it’s a losing game. Whether you’re promoting yourself or your company, the key to success in the early 21st century is to build communities online. You need to get more visitors to your website, more friends on Facebook, more followers on Twitter.

The key to doing that successfully is to allow your authentic self to show through. In a time where customers can look you up on Yelp and comment on your product, where they can peek at your office building with Google Earth, and where they can look up your CEO, it’s impossible to hide.

Today, everyone knows you’re a dog—or can easily find out. You can’t bury your past and identity like a bone in the backyard. So the challenge is to be your own dog, be the best dog you can be, and communicate who you are as authentically as you can. 

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