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Paris (1999)
My girlfriend Jenn and I took our first trip to Paris in March 1999. High points were the cafes at St. Germain des Pres, the Alexandre II bridge, and the stained glass at Sainte Chapelle. ...[see photos]
St. Lucia (1998)
St. Lucia provided a restful vacation in the spring of 1998. Jenn and I stayed at a hotel on a harbor in the northeast of the island, and spent a day on the brig Unicorn, sailing from the capital Castries to Soufrière, where we saw the remains of an old volcano.
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Brazil (1997)
Jenn and I spent most of our time in Salvador da Bahia, based in a humble hotel called the Maridina, which we had a strangely difficult time getting away from. Our last few nights were spent on the island of Morro de São Paulo in the harbor of Salvador.
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Haiti (1996)
In December 1996, I traveled to Haiti as part of a cultural tour sponsored by Global Exchange. The contradictions of the trip are described in two articles, the relatively upbeat Haiti as a Tourist Destination and the more somber Fleurs du Mal, which revolves around the implications of a killing our group witnessed on the road near Gressier. ...[see photos]

Italy (1994)
My first overseas journey was a whirlwind high school trip to Rome, Florence, Sorrento, Naples, and Pompeii. In the spring of 1994 I returned to Florence for about two weeks with my mother and her friend Bobbie Hawks. These photos are from that trip. ...[see photos]

Zimbabwe (1990)
In 1990, I took part in a six-month volunteer program in Zimbabwe, sponsored by the Overseas Development Network (later known as JustAct). Tapuwa Chitombo, who worked at Ranche House College where my group took lessons in the Shona language, arranged for me to live with her cousin Millicent Chieza. I worked in the public relations department of Zimbabwe's Department of Natural Resources, an experience I later described in an article, and was able to travel around the country during my time there. ...[see photos]
Nepal (1986)
My trip to Nepal with my mother in 1986 was my first visit to a developing country. We took part on a monastery trek in the Everest region, beginning at the town of Jiri and ending at the Thangboche monastery. The trip was organized by the Journeys trekking company and was led by Tsewang Sherpalama, and we were accompanied by a Buddhist monk named Pa Nima.
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